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Our Staff

We are ALL Family

Dental professionals - dentists, hygienists, assistants, and front office personnel - are considered by the State of Alabama to be at the forefront of risk for health professionals because of our proximity to our patients. We were granted the Covid-19 Vaccination status of Group 1A at the beginning of January 2021.
Like many others across the Globe, I lost one of my parents from complications of Covid-19 during 2020. I personally looked forward to getting fully vaccinated so that you and I can be mutually protected when you come to our office.  It's 2022 now and I'm happy to see my family of wonderful patients coming back for their dental needs.  Thank you for all your love and support in these most difficult times.

---Dr. Dentremont

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Our Story

What makes a good staff member? What qualities present themselves that would want you to speak and interact with them, and more important, earn your trust and respect?


While there's no single answer to this question, I think we can all agree that when you enter a healthcare setting - or any business for that matter - you want - no you NEED - to feel welcomed, important, considered, and respected.  Nothing less.


I've devoted  my entire career towards perfecting that need.  You've heard it said succinctly before: "the customer is King."  I'm in total agreement with that.  In healthcare it's obviously more complicated than assisting you to making a purchase of a sales item on the floor of a department store or a new car in a showroom.  It's called Superior Personal Service.


My staff has been personally picked by me for their extraordinary qualities of personal service to my patients, for their devotion to their career, and for their amazing skills in the dental field.  Some offices call them "superstars".  Some office call them "Ninjas".  I couldn't agree more!  But I will just call them my Dental Family.  We strive to earn your trust each and every day in a family setting where we work as a close team to ensure you receive superior personal service.


Thank you for choosing Dentremont Dental Services.  Thank you for electing to join our "family"!   On the following pages you can glean more about our amazing staff!



Dr. Dee

Meet The 2022 Team

dr lee.png

    Dr. Frank Dentremont

    Experienced Dental Dentist

    Becky Peck1.jpg

      Becky Peck

      Experienced Office Manager

      Destiny Herring Pic1.jpg

        Destiny Herring

        Experienced Registered Dental Hygienist


          Tyra Buchannan

          Registered Dental Assistant

          gwendolyn baldwin.png

            Gwendolyn Baldwin

            Experienced Registered Dental Hygienist

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