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Welcome to the NEW Website

It's May 2021.... what a difference a year makes! This month we're rolling out our new website,

www.DDSPC.Org. We've retired the old website as of this month. It was just too long a domain name (but it got my name out there). We've been spending weeks developing and tweaking our new URL and in honesty we're still a long ways away from the vision I have for it but hey... a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step! So hang tight while we continue to make our Dentremont Dental Services PC website timely and enlightening about not only our office but the science of dentistry in general.

I have to mention that we are rolling out our 5th Anniversary Flyer! See the flyer below.

Our 5th anniversary was in March, but hey... Covid-19 has totally "discombobulated" the past 12 months so a few weeks late as the calendar goes hardly counts against us this year!

I have a laptop in my office with the "mantra" of my existence on the home screen: "You're never too late to dream a new dream." Of the many dreams over my decades of practicing dentistry, I couldn't have envisioned having the opportunity to make a life and a living in such a beautiful location as Gulf Shores, AL, nor could I have envisioned the massive influx of new residents into Baldwin County in recent years.

In the past 5 years we've seen over 2100 patients (our computer program tracks such things), and it's been like watching an infant grow to maturity. I gotta say I'm a proud "Papa" at this point!

How many patients makes up a successful dental practice? Well, I don't know of any "metric" to that answer, but I've come to understand that at some point there are enough patients in your practice to maintain a 40 hour work week consistently. By experience I've surmised that this figure is between 2000 and 2500 patients. At that level and beyond, we can concentrate our advertising budget less on growth and more on "replenishment". America is a mobile society, and we have snowbirds coming down to live here as full time residents, and conversely patients leaving the area after a tough year of weather and economy and pandemics and other issues. So there are always needs to maintain that 2500+ patient plateau.

We're thankful that you've visited our site and perhaps gotten some idea of who we are.

We intend to maintain a monthly blog here so that we can have discussions about all things dental and particularly all things Dentremont Dental!

Have a truly wonderful day, and as we say....

All you need is love....and a Good dentist

Dr. Dentremont

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